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ARK: Surival Evolved Winter Wonderland 2

We’ve talked about ARK: Survival Evolved plenty of times. It’s a game that has had a lot happen to it. There have been updates, expansions, ports, and controversies. It’s a very interesting game to observe, as it holds a very unique place in the gaming industry. In some ways it’s pushing boundaries, and in other ways it’s treading a dangerous line. For better or for worse, Studio Wildcard is pressing forward and is continuing to add to the game. As of today the Winter Wonderland 2 event has gone live

To get into the holiday spirit, a very interestingly named character has been introduced to ARK: Survival Evolved, Raptor Claus. Like jolly old Saint Nick, he’ll be bringing presents to players in game. Players can chase him across the map in order to collect the items he will be dropping. Supplies, coal (of course) and new items that have just been added to the game. Unique holiday items can also be crafted now, although Studio Wildcard is being coy about one item in particular. They’re keeping it a surprise, so I won’t spoil it. That being said, for those who don’t mind spoilers, they have hinted that it’s at the end of the announcement trailer.

It wouldn’t be Ark: Survival Evolved without dinosaurs though, and this event is coming with five new ones. Cnidaria Omnimorph, a jellyfish that cannot be trained but can be used as a security screen or light source. Troodon Magnanimus, a smaller cousin of the raptor whose trust must be earned, and is a deadly hunter. Pegomastax Fructarator, a harmless herbivore that can gather items for you. Tusoteuthis Vampyrus, a nightmarish and dangerous squid whose ink is valuable for those brave enough to take it. Finally and certainly not least, Therizinosaurus Multiensis, essentially a tamable, herbivoree T-Rex. All of these are now in Ark: Survival Evolved, making survival both easier and harder.

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