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Doomfist to be Voiced by Terry Crews?

It really does feel like you can’t go more than a week or two without there being mover Overwatch news. Blizzard’s team based shooter really has taken the world by storm. Easily the most iconic part of the game, however, is its colorful (Figuratively and literally) cast of characters. More are on their way to the game it seems, with a commonly speculated upcoming character being Doomfist. However, Doomfist has gotten a little more interesting. Actor Terry Crews, famous for his bombastic personality and ability to chew the scenery, has shown interest in playing him.

Crews recently paid a visit to Blizzard after which he voiced his fondness for Overwatch, calling it one of his favorite games. Crews has also asked “Who wants to hear me do the voice of Doomfist for real?” on Twitter. Considering the reaction to this tweet, quite a few people, myself among them. Countless fans have expressed excitement at the idea, as has countless other outlets.

Doomfist is a character that has been hinted at since the very first cinematic trailer of Overwatch. More and more hints have been dropped throughout the game’s lifespan, along with some interesting hints. It appears that Doomfist is not a name, but a title, one at least three people have gone by. Whoever wields Doomfist’s gauntlet seems to be the one who goes by the title. It seems to be that if Doomfist becomes a playable character, it will be the newest one. It seems like quite the open door for Blizzard to do whatever they want. Now we just have to see if Terry Crews has a place in their image. I personally hope that it is. Blizzard has yet to comment on the situation, a silence that could potentially mean anything. The ball is in their court as of now.

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