Overwatch May Get a Valentine’s Day Event

Overwatch has had a grand total of three major events now, the Olympics, Halloween and the Holiday Season. They’ve become rather a staple of the game, and each bring familiar prospects to the experience. A colorful array of new skins, lines, emotes and other unlockables, unique game modes and a unique tone. There is some controversy over the items being only available during the event, but many still enjoy it. In the short lifespan of Overwatch, the density of these events make it clear that there will be more. As of today, there has been a leak that, while does not confirm, hints at a possible fourth event. Valentine’s Day may be the next major event celebrated.

The main hint at a possible Valentine’s Day event in Overwatch comes in the form of leaked audio. Three different sound bites, were found in the game’s files and released onto the internet. There are a grand total of three, one featuring Genji talking to Hanzo, and two with Genji talking to Mercy. All three focus on chocolates, which is where the Valentine’s Day speculation comes into play. In particular, the later two clips focus on Genji and Mercy trading chocolates with each other. As the backstory for Overwatch includes Mercy saving Genji’s life, the game may be hinting at a romance here. GenjixMercy is certainly a concept with many fans.

It needs to be emphasized that this is purely speculation at this point. It is possible that these lines of dialogue may have a different purpose, one that can’t be predicted. They may not even be included in the game for whatever unknown reason. It does, however, seem very likely that Overwatch will be getting another event soon. And the timing heavily implies that it will be Valentine’s Day. Now we just need to see if Hanzo gets a Cupid skin.