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Into the Breach Announced

FTL: Faster than Light was a game that took the internet by storm. Developed back in 2012 by Subset Games, it came from a Kickstarter that had a humble goal of $10,000. Earning 2000% of that goal, the two person team at Subset Games delivered on their promises. They made a game that took the world by storm, and helped breathe fresh life into Roguelikes. In the half a decade since then, Subset Games has not done much beside releasing updates for FTL: Faster than Light. Until now that is. Subset Games has just announced a new game that they are developed, Into the Breach.

Like it’s predecessor, Into the Breach, will be a roguelike that utilizes pixelated graphics. It is set in a world where the remnants of humanity are under siege from Kaiju called Vex. They have bred under the surface and have tunneled up to attack humanity. Giant and powerful mechs are utilized against the Vek in Into the Breach, fighting them in turn based combat. All levels will be randomly generated, creating some variety each time the game is played. If you are defeated by the Vex, you will send help back in time in an attempt to prevent your defeat from happening. Most likely the breach in Into the Breach.

Details are fairly light at the moment, although we do have some leads. Implications from the announcement is that a good portion of the game will be based on anticipating enemy movements. Potentially to the point where players must think several steps ahead. Into the Breach also seems to have a rather heavy Pacific Rim feeling to it. We have no word on a release date yet, but we do know the platforms Into the Breach will be coming to. It will be on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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