Pokémon Announcement: Pokémon Tournament DX, UltraSun/UltraMoon confirmed

It has been a tense time for Pokémon fans these past few months. With constant rumours, theories, potential leaks and dear wishes from all over the web, the announcements from the Pokémon Direct livestream are sure to break the tension – albeit with mixed responses.

The three new instalments to the Pokémon franchise are not brand new titles, but can rather be considered revisits of previous ones, which has been met with a resounding ‘meh’ from the #PokémonDirect corner of social media.

Pokémon Tournament DX

Continuing the Nintendo Switch’s trend of remastering previous games, the first huge game announced in the stream was Pokémon Tournament DX for the Nintendo Switch: a re-release of the fighting game Pokken Tournament on the Wii U, a game seldom-hyped outside of Japan.


The trailer promises a decent-sized roster of Pokémon from across the generations, as well as showcasing the multiplayer abilities of the Nintendo Switch. New content ranges new game modes and exclusive fighters such as Dark Mewtwo, Darkrai and Decidueye.

It will be released September 22nd.

UltraSun and UltraMoon

Instead of the long-rumoured ‘Pokémon Stars’ title, the new 3DS titles from Gamefreak turned out to be a return to the worlds of Sun and Moon…but with more Ultra.

Not much was given away from the trailer other than being told that the games take place in the Alola region once again, but with new stories. On top of that, the curious reappearance the legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala, possibly linked to the Mega-Evolution mechanic, was another main takeaway that will get fans talking.

It will be released November 17th, with more details coming later this year.

Re-release of Gold and Silver

Also, coming in September is the return of Pokémon Gold and Silver to handheld, releasing for the 3DS Virtual Console on September 22.

The nostalgic classics are a continuation of Nintendo’s reissuing of the 8-bit wonders that are still a staple in the Pokémon fan base and the memories of many gamers. Additionally, the re-released games will also be compatible with Pokémon Bank; allowing gamers to manage their Pokémon online and move their favourites to new games.

So although there’s plenty to keep fans busy, there are still bound to be many questions as to what to expect from Nintendo and the Pokémon Team in terms of new IPs: ‘What about the rumoured return to Sinnoh?’, ‘What colour will it be?’, and most importantly: ‘Where is Pokémon Pinball?’

Okay, maybe not the last one – but one can dream…