EaseUS – The new features make it even easier to use

EaseUS has been around for a while now and it has a great number of fans. The data recovery software proved multiple times that it is exactly what people need when they are desperate to recover data they thought was lost forever. This is because EaseUS is indeed capable of doing what it promises to do: bring back all the data users accidentally erased or that went missing because of hardware problems or viruses. Back in the days, only professionals managed to recover data from damaged hard disks. Now, everyone can do it, thanks to this capable software.

EaseUS is one of the best data recovery software, and it got to be one of the most appreciated programs of its kind because it works perfectly both with Windows and Mac devices. Basically, it meets everyone’s needs. Also, it managed to become one of the best software of its kind because it can recover data in several situations. EaseUS does its job no matter if the data was accidentally deleted by the user, if the Recycle Bin was emptied, the hard drive is damaged and even if the hard drive was formatted. Even more, EaseUS is able to recover data when it was lost due to virus attacks, a partition was lost, formatted or even when the loss of data is due to OS crashes.

Of course, the fact that EaseUS is capable of doing all this would mean nothing if it weren’t user-friendly. Thankfully, it is. Users can recover data by going through three simple steps: scan the device, preview the found data and reinstate it where it belongs. It is as simple as that, and everyone with minimal computer skills can do it. The new version’s user interface is even cleaner and friendlier than the previous version was. It is mostly self-explanatory and users will not have any difficulties in using the data recovery software. The new version also comes with new and improved search and filter features which makes it even easier to find exactly what users are looking for. The search completes faster than it used to and the filter helps users find exactly what they need.

The EaseUS data recovery software works perfectly not only on computers but it can also recover data from USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards and more. It is able to recover a great variety of lost data, including documents, pictures, videos, audio files, programs, archives, and even emails. Basically, there is no data that can actually go missing ever again. Not if you try to recover it with EaseUS.


Even though every good thing in life comes for a price, EaseUS is also available for free. Naturally, the free version doesn’t offer all the features the Pro versions do, but it still is more than capable of doing the job users need it to. The Pro versions also offer free lifetime technical support and free lifetime upgrades. It really is worth its price, especially if you have important data on your devices or you often accidentally delete your data. If you are not convinced yet, you should at least try the free version.

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