The best online games for PC: from World of Warcraft to League of Legends

Explaining how tremendously fun the online gaming experience is to those who don’t understand it can be an impossible task; for many, it’s just a crazy thing. But for someone who’s ever “hooked” on a good online multiplayer, it’s clear: with friends it’s always cooler. Okay, it’s clear that a good solo story mode is unparalleled, and that lifetime games with friends in the salon will never go out of style, but that’s not why we’re going to give up online.



The offer is also so wide and so powerful today, that it is possible to find alternatives for virtually all tastes. There is so much to choose from, that it can be a bit complicated for the uninitiated to venture into this field, which is why we thought it would never be too much to present a list of the best online games for PC at the moment. Many factors influence such an exciting subject and the selection that everyone may want to make will be completely different, but surely many of those chosen here will be constant among the majority of the public says agent sbobet


World of Warcraft, the king of PC online games


Such a list could only begin with the title that changed everything in this category. With ten years just passed, the world created by Blizzard remains more than active and with millions of subscribers enjoying their adventures every month. The new expansions that are already underway promise a few more years of fun for their fans.


DOTA 2, the map that never stopped growing


What began as a modified map for ‘Warcraft III’ soon became a worldwide success that led Valve to hire his designer to develop a sequel that has convinced countless users. The combination of action and real-time strategy presented by ‘DOTA 2’ is a guarantee of fun for those who overcome its steep learning curve, being also one of the most popular games in the tournaments of the category.


World of Tanks, a clean shot


As well as being unique in its segment, ‘World of Tanks’ boasts a simply irresistible approach: to be able to pilot our own tank in explosive battles against other players for the most spectacular maps. Based on a free-to-play model, it has managed to become one of the highest income titles in the category thanks to microtransactions.


Team Fortress 2, Beyond Hats


The original mod was already the most fun, but ‘Team Fortress 2’ broke all the moulds when it was included in the glorious pack The Orange Box, to the point that it has achieved the necessary category to be distributed independently afterwards. Don’t be fooled by its casual look, as this first-person shooter has a design measured to the millimeter and balanced with a breathtaking perfection.


Eve Online, the galaxy without limits


Are you saying that I can create my own, fully customized spaceship and sail thousands of solar systems with it, fulfilling missions of all kinds and participating in numerous activities? And where do you say that you have to sign? Well, ‘Eve Online’ is the dream come true for science fiction lovers.


Worms Reloaded, worms on the loose


Although the polygonal graphics have already made an appearance in the saga, I continue to pull with great force the classic style that represents ‘Worms Reloaded’, a chapter that remains as a guarantee of fun when we start to play online games with friends. Oh, and if you want to choose another chapter from those developed by Team17, you’ll almost certainly not be wrong either.


StarCraft II, a formula that doesn’t run out


At the time, the first installment was already one of the major drivers of online PC gaming, and of course ‘StarCraft II’ has not disappointed as a conservative and respectful continuation of an exemplary legacy. Approached as a trilogy, it completes the classic story and multiplies the hours of online addiction for all its followers.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, no matter how many years go by


Some will tell me that almost better to choose the memorable version 1.6, and some reason will not miss, but I think that ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ has been able to recover and update everything that made great to that shooter that was born as a mod and became the king of team shooting. So simple and yet so addictive, no matter which version you choose, because the quality of Valve is more present than ever here.


Guild Wars 2, in search of his own fantasy

As one of the main competitors of ‘World of Warcraft’ in its own field, ‘Guild Wars 2’ bets on a free model of monthly subscriptions to convince the respectable, but without giving up a persistent world rich, extensive and loaded with personality. Choosing Azeroth or Tyria to fully experience online fantasy in company is a matter of taste.


League of Legends, the great triumph of free-to-play


And last but not least, an almost unparalleled phenomenon that moves millions of players daily to distribute thispa without compassion. Inspired by the same mod that gave rise to ‘DOTA 2’, the triumph of ‘League of Legends’ at all levels is really hard to argue with. The only recommendation you can make before entering it is to keep in mind that it can cost you many hours of life.