How To Spot Fake Gaming Review Websites

Have you ever heard the saying, “fake it, until you make it?” This concept might seem acceptable in some fields, but it isn’t when it comes to gaming. Being that gaming is a billion dollar industry it is really easy to see why more and more investors want to get in while the markets good. More investors might mean a wider selection of games and more diverse playing platforms, but more is not always better. This is even more so true when it comes to gaming. Some developers just quickly throw together a site or games and start offering it to the public, regardless of the glitches or security flaws. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on junk and this is why more and more consumers are turning to online reviews. Well, you might be surprised to learn that all those reviews that you are reading are not genuine. Below, you will learn to spot key elements that could help reveal fake gaming reviews.




The Timing Of The Reviews


With the technology available in today’s time there are a number of services available that will help developers and users grow their popularity. For instance, did you know that you could buy Facebook followers? Well, if you can buy Facebook followers, why couldn’t you buy fake gaming reviews? This is exactly what a lot of new developers are doing. You can usually spot these reviews right away because there will be a very short time frame between the posts. Always look for posts that are posted within the same general time frame. This is a tactic that a lot of gaming providers like to use during the holidays to attract more attention.


Look For Personal Pronouns And Verbs


Have you ever read a review that said I and me over and over again? This could have been a good indication that you were dealing with a fake review. A study published at the University of Cornell revealed that users who use a lot of personal pronouns are more than likely fake. The theory behind this is that people who are lying are trying to make themselves feel more credible. The research also revealed the liars are more than likely to use more verbs as well. These are just a few of things that you want to keep in mind when you are reviewing online gaming sites like agen sbobet.


Similar Reviews


Another red flag is similar reviews. If the reviews share similar content, it is likely that they were written by the same person. Now, this is not to say that some of the reviews will share similar content, especially when they are speaking of the same games. However, if the reviews share the same phrases, they are most likely written by the same person.


Contrary to belief, webmasters are responsible for the content posted on their websites. In order to avoid fake reviews, the website must determine if the author is genuine. Of course, it is impossible to verify every author but it is definitely worth trying.


Spun Content


There are literally hundreds of game websites on the World Wide Web. Some of these websites offer expert reviews, while others tend to stick with consumer reviews. Whatever the case may be, it is crucial to take the time to view a little bit of the website content. If the content sounds like it has been spun, then it is likely that it was not written by a real person. So, you really cannot say if it is safe to believe the reviews posted on that website.


Physical Address


Most websites include a physical address and phone number on a Contact Page. While most people never even consider looking at this information, it could help verify the authenticity of the website. So, before you believe the reviews posted on a specific website, you should take the time to check out this information. Just access the Contact Page to find this information. If the physical address goes to a P.O. box or home, it is likely that the website is fake. You can verify the address with a quick Google search. You can also access a satellite or street view of the property through Google Maps.




Just because a website claims to provide consumers with genuine reviews of games does not always make it so. It truly is not that difficult to verify the authenticity of a game review website or any other website for that matter. Just do your homework to ensure you are accessing genuine reviews written by real consumers.


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