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oninaki characters finally revealed

Oninaki Characters

We’ll be revealing the Oninaki characters, with their details, game stats, classes and profiles as they emerge

In the game we control a group of characters with a protagonist defined as “Watcher,” who were born to ensure that the kingdom’s reincarnation system circulated properly. When someone dies while clinging to a strong emotion, or if the people who remain cling to the feelings of the deceased, the person who died will remain in the Beyond as a Lost Soul, and will remain wandering without being able to reincarnate. If a Lost Soul is left as it is for a long time, it will become a monster and will never be able to reincarnate.




Oninaki Character revealedThat is where the Watchers come in, rescuing the Lost and returning them to the cycle of reincarnation. Sometimes they have to kill the person who is causing someone to have such a strong emotion, but for those who believe in reincarnation, that is not necessarily tragic.


To be able to travel between the Living World and the Hereafter is a skill of a Watcher. In their clothing they all have a layer of work that includes a piece of cloth that covers their mouth, but that cloth is created with a special plant from the Hereafter, and has the power to allow them to travel from one side to the other. People who have the ability to travel between the Living World and the Hereafter can teleport there instantly.


The colour of the protagonist’s eyes gives us a clue as to the type of person he is, and can also help us to learn more about the type of characters we find in the game… The same concept also happens in poker, where you need to see if they players are bluffing or not says sbobet which is one of the most famous casinos in Asia.


Playable characters


In Oninaki we will be able to control a group of three characters among which we will be able to select the following ones in different moments of the adventure (although they will not always be available):



Japanese voice of Tomohisa Hashizume

Main character

“For a country where reincarnation is a way of life, death must be a source of hope.


He has a mysterious person, calm and serene, and believes that the mission of his life is to save lost souls. As such, he will not hesitate to put an end to another’s life if it helps him complete his mission. Faced with a mysterious young woman, his mission descends to a blood-bound destiny.


Kagachi, protagonist, and is a man of few words as well as a good man but also very serious. One may think he is distant and dispassionate, although the tradition of this universe is a normal attitude that teaches people not to feel sad even when faced with the death of a loved one. They believe that if they feel sad, that pain will hold the deceased captive and they will not be able to reincarnate and their beliefs consider strong emotions to be a bad thing. As such, people like Kagachi are not necessarily an isolated case.



Japanese voice of Lynn

“We’re here to help you move on to the next world.”


A kindhearted Watcher who accompanies Kagachi on his assignments. Mayur is a young Watcher with a kind heart, as well as being Kushi’s daughter and Kagachi’s childhood friend. She gives deep importance to her relationships with others, whether with the souls of the Lost or with the Demons she manifests. However, this is also the source of her greatest conflict. Standing, as she does between the living and the dead, the tensions created by the precepts of reincarnation are a constant struggle for her.



Japanese voice of Shiori Mikami


A mysterious girl of whom nothing is known. Kagachi finds her in one of her assignments and she remembers nothing of her past, although there is something that attracts her to stay by her side and try to help her.



Japanese voice of Tsuyoshi Koyama

“We Watchers are who we are, because we are human above all else.”


Kagachi’s companion, also another Watcher and his leader. Kushi was like a father figure to Kagachi, and being Watcher and seeing him do his work, Kagachi also wanted to be one to help him, although there are also other reasons for him to follow his path… Although usually presented as enigmatic and elusive, Kushi is nevertheless an exemplary Watcher and a reliable leader. He is also the man who raised Kagachi. Kushi rarely speaks of himself, very few know his inner thoughts, but he makes no attempt to hide his deep affection for his daughter, Mayura.



Final Enemy

It can’t be a good role-playing game (nor a video game) if it doesn’t have a final enemy we’ll have to face:


Night Devil

Also known as Kuroyasha

“Hate incarnate… A ghost from the past…”


The bad guy of the game, a swordsman of a forgotten time who is hunting Linne. A swordsman of a forgotten time, enveloped in the black flames of damnation. No one knows the true face of this wretched creature, a man bound forever by his own malice. The Night Devil wanders in the darkness, chasing Linne in his attempt to unleash his hatred of the world.


NPC Characters

We will also find more main characters that we will not control and that will reveal the story, dialogues, missions…:



“As sovereign, it is my duty to protect this kingdom. And you, the living, bound as you are to life, must celebrate all creation.”


The sovereign leads a life of isolation, for she trusts no one but herself. Apparently Lobelia is a cold person who is distant with his circle of friends and makes very few appearances in public. In fact, many of her subjects would find it hard to recognize her. For Lobelia there is nothing more important than to defend the doctrine of reincarnation, and she doesn’t tolerate to deviate from it in the least.



“If you rise up against me, you rise up against the sovereign. You rise against your own kingdom.”


Lobelia’s right hand, and her son from head to toe. For as long as he can remember, Leo has always venerated Lobelia, not as a mother, but as a sovereign. Leo doesn’t trust anyone else and doesn’t have any friends, but he doesn’t hold a grudge against her for it. Leo accepts everything the sovereign says to the letter and ignores the rest, which has led to more than one discrepancy with the Watchers.

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