Resident Evil 0 Original Soundtrack Vinyl: Price, Cover, Release Date

Resident Evil 0 is one of the more overlooked games in the series, as it released the same year as the excellent remake of the original game. Despite that, it still has plenty of fans, and now those fans will be able to get its creepy soundtrack on vinyl. Amazon has recently uploaded an official product page for it, revealing the price, cover and release date.

First up we have the track listings, which are split across two vinyl records:

Disc: 1

  1. A1. Intro
  2. A2. Zero
  3. A3. Lullaby 1
  4. A4. Depths of Insanity
  5. A5. An Introduction
  6. A6. First Zombie
  7. A7. Encounter
  8. A8. Zombie Dog
  9. A9. Doubt
  10. A10. Mimicry
  11. A11. Lullaby 2
  12. A12. Leechman 1
  13. A13. SCP Battle
  14. A14. Hatching
  15. A15. Approaching Leeches 1
  16. A16. Unease
  17. A17. Mission
  18. A18. Nightmare
  19. A19. Zombie Edward
  20. A20. Critical Point
  21. A21. Training Facility Main Theme
  22. A22. Twisting and Convulsing
  23. B1. Training Facility 2
  24. B2. Catch and Hang
  25. B3. Centipede
  26. B4. Training Facility 3
  27. B5. Chess
  28. B6. Dormitory Main Theme
  29. B7. in the Torture Chamber
  30. B8. Marcus’ Ploy
  31. B9. Predator
  32. B10. Save Rebecca
  33. B11. Melting
  34. B12. a Mournful Dream of Scorching Heat
  35. B13. Training Facility 4
  36. B14. Massacre
  37. B15. in the Cage Room
  38. B16. DormitoryChapel
  39. B17. Lament: Success
  40. B18. Lament: Failure
  41. B19. Chapel Main Theme
  42. B20. Air Raid
  43. B21. a Lull

Disc: 2

  1. C1. Chapel 3
  2. C2. Marcus’ Memories
  3. C3. Chapel 2
  4. C4. Assault
  5. C5. Approaching Leeches 2
  6. C6. Leechman 2
  7. C7. Assassin’s Blade
  8. C8. Proto Tyrant
  9. C9. Billy’s Past
  10. C10. the Tyrant, Again
  11. C11. Tyrant (T-002)
  12. C12. DormitoryTreatment Plant
  13. C13. Threat
  14. C14. D·A·L·I
  15. C15. the Last Whisper
  16. C16. Zero Ver. 2
  17. C17. Confrontation with Marcus
  18. D1. Queen Leech
  19. D2. Countdown
  20. D3. Odd Lump
  21. D4. Escape
  22. D5. a Way Out
  23. D6. a Flash
  24. D7. Credits
  25. D8. Ex-Game
  26. D9. Results
  27. D10. Beginning
Amazon currently has the price for the vinyl at $38.53, though Amazon prices do tend to fluctuate. The soundtrack is pressed on 2xLP 180g black vinyl and is contained in a deluxe gatefold sleeve. The soundtrack has also been remastered, ensuring that this is the definitive way to experience the game’s music. The release date is set for January 24th, 2020, and you can check out the cover below.