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Top Android games to play this Christmas

Christmas is getting ever closer, and these days, that’s as obvious in the online stores as it is in our major shopping streets and malls. Google Play, in particular, is full of festive offerings to bring the Christmas spirit to your mobile gaming. 

As with anything else, of course, that’s not to say that every Christmas game is going to be an instant classic that will become part of festive folklore. Here, we’ve taken a look at what’s out there and come up with a handful of the best. There should be something for every taste, so put your feet up and relax!


Farm Snow

When you get past the slightly clunky title, this is a fun and engaging Farmville-style game but with a Christmas twist. You’re essentially given the role of Santa’s chief assistant and must grow hay for the reindeers, process letters from children and get sleighs loaded up with toys ready for an on-time dispatch. You can also build extra toy workshops, magic trees and all sorts of other Christmas essentials. This is a game that will keep you amused from the run up to Christmas right up to twelfth night. 


Live roulette

If you spent your formative Christmases watching constant reruns of Casablanca, the roulette wheel will have an instant association with the festive season. Plenty of us choose to have a night out in a casino over Christmas, but the latest trend towards live dealer tables at  online casinos such as Unibet NJ means you don’t have to venture out into the cold or argue over who’s going to be the dedicated driver. You can’t beat the spin of a roulette wheel for some Christmas magic, but of course, you can choose other table games like blackjack, baccarat or three-card poker if you prefer. 


Winter solitaire

Speaking of card games, last year’s most popular Christmas game from the Play Store shows that at this time of year, we turn to the classics. Winter solitaire does exactly what it says on the tin, but like those old games compendia from years gone by, there are 15 different “games within a game” to choose from. The great thing about this app is that it’s something the whole family will be able to enjoy. 


Christmas Stories: The Gift of the Magi

Since long before the internet or even television came about, a good Christmas story has always been an intrinsic part of the festive season. This one takes the form of a mystery in which you must solve puzzles and compete in numerous mini games to rescue your sister, who has been spirited away. Give the free trial version a go and if you find yourself getting drawn in, you’ll be happy to spend the $6.00 for the full game. There is also a special collectors edition.


Christmas Santa Rush Delivery

Remember we said something for everyone? Well this last one is essentially a driving game, but with a highly festive theme. Drive Santa’s sleigh around the 3D city, make all the deliveries and most important of all, try to avoid colliding with cars, trucks and pedestrians. Once you’ve downloaded the game, you can play it offline with no need for an internet connection. 

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