Fallout 76 Wastelanders Info – Plot, Characters, Features, Release Date, Price & More

Fallout 76 did not release in the best of states when it launched in 2018, with little content and lots of bugs making it without a doubt the worst Fallout-related launch ever. However, developer Bethesda has been adding more content to the game via expansions, and now its third and by far largest one is on the horizon called Wastelanders.


The expansion is set in the year 2103, which is one year after the opening of Vault 76 and the eradication of the Scorched Plague. New survivors have begun flocking to Appalachia in search of a rumored treasure, with both settlers and raiders alike scrambling to find it. This stirs up a conflict between the two parties, with the residents of Vault 76 having to choose which one they will side with.


7 new living human NPCs are set to be added to the game with the Wastelanders expansion, which are the following:

  • Daniel
  • Duchess
  • Isela
  • Lacey
  • Meg
  • Unknown¬†raider leader
  • Mort


The Wastelanders expansion will be an overhaul for the base game in many ways, one of which will be via the return of the series’ beloved dialogue system. Players will once again be able to interact with other characters and choose from a variety of different dialogue options, which will impact how interactions and related events play out.

It’s worth noting that the dialogue system is going to be similar to that of Fallout 3 rather than 4, which will come as a relief to many longtime players of the series. While Fallout 4’s dialogue system was serviceable, it was seen by many as an oversimplification of previous iterations. The return to Fallout 3’s style of dialogue system means that players will be able to see plainly what the character is going to say before choosing that option, rather than the slight hints that Fallout 4 gave you.

The new factions that will be added to the game will also feature a new reputation system, giving the character notoriety for their deeds. Other things like new random encounters, companions and a reworked quest system are all aiming to make the wasteland a more enjoyable experience.


A price currently has not been announced.

Release Date

A specific release date has not yet been announced, though it is currently targeting a Q1 2020 release.