Xbox Boss: Video Game Price Increase Is Not A Bad Thing

Video game prices have steadily climbed over the years, though the current $59.99 for new AAA games has been the norm for quite a while. However, it looks like that could be about to change when the next generation of consoles hits, as 2K Games recently revealed their price for NBA 2K21 on next-gen platforms is $69.99.

This is a move that stirred up quite a bit of controversy, especially after it came to light that other publishers are considering doing the same thing. Now Microsoft’s Head of Gaming Phil Spencer has said he doesn’t view this price increase as a negative thing, and that the customer will ultimately decide the right price.

He said the following in an interview with the Washington Post:

“As an industry, we can price things whatever we want to price them, and the customer will decide what the right price is for them. I’m not negative on people setting a new price point for games because I know everybody’s going to drive their own decisions based on their own business needs. But gamers have more choice today than they ever have. In the end, I know the customer is in control of the price that they pay, and I trust that system.”

While I’d like to think that gamers will “vote with their wallets” and completely shun an unnecessary price hike, considering how successful DLC and microtransactions have been for publishers I find that scenario highly unlikely.

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