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Fall Guys trophy list

Fall Guys Complete Trophy List Revealed, One Is Nearly Impossible

The new multiplayer obstacle course game from Mediatonic is out today on PS4 and Steam, and it truly is unlike anything else on the market. While the game is certainly chaotic in its own right, those hoping to get the platinum trophy in the game are in for a rough road ahead.

The game’s full official trophy list has been revealed (via TrueTrophies), and one of them requires you to come in first five times in a row. This may not sound like a huge deal for your average game, but considering the absolute chaos that this game is and the amount of players involved… oh boy. Luck is needed just as much as skill is, so it sounds like lots of aggravation lies ahead.

For those unfamiliar with the game, players are tasked with racing through a series of crazy obstacle courses, dealing with deadly traps and hordes of other players along the way. Not only that, but your character is clumsy and can easily fall over at any time. One little mistake will likely result in you not coming in first, and the Infallible trophy wants you to accomplish that feat 5 times in a row. Good luck!

Fall Guys is available now on PS4 and PC, and you can check out a gameplay trailer filled with plenty of insanity below.

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