Another voice actor has been confirmed for Hideo Kojima’s next game


Kojima Productions has posted a new teaser image on their website, which begins with the question “How Come?” before fading into a picture of Shiori Kutsuna with the words “Where Am I?” written over her face.

Kutsuna’s breakout role in Deadpool 2 was as Yukio.

The latest in a string of teaser photos for Kojima’s next game, the game for which Elle Fanning has already been confirmed to appear.

While the title of the game being teased has not been disclosed, it is likely ‘Overdose,’ one of two titles thought to be in production at Kojima Productions at the moment. It’s assumed that Death Stranding 2 is the sequel.

In June, Kojima made an appearance at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase to announce that he is collaborating with Xbox Game Studios to develop a game he has long wanted to create but was unable to do so owing to technological constraints.

Kojima said, “There is a game I have always wanted to produce.” It’s a brand-new game, the likes of which have never been seen or played before. I’ve been anticipating the moment I could begin working on it for a very long time.

He described his upcoming game as “like a new media” in a recent interview.

He boldly predicted that “if this works, it would change things around” in other industries, including video games and movies.