Sony anticipates that God of War Ragnarok will sell as many copies as GoW 2018 did: 23 million

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment, it anticipates God of War Ragnarok’s sales success to be comparable to that of 2018’s God of War, which has so far sold a total of 23 million copies. Ragnarok has some fairly big shoes to fill because, according to Chief Financial Officer Hiroki Totoki, the previous game was one of its biggest-ever PlayStation exclusives. Expect Ragnarok to do similarly given that God of War 2018 was a PC release as well as one of Sony’s top games on Steam.

Can sales of God of War Ragnarok compare to those of GoW 2018?

The year 2022 saw a general lack of new games in the gaming industry. It’s encouraging to see titles like God of War Ragnarok and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II filling the hole, Xbox head Phil Spencer said in a recent interview. Given these factors plus Sony’s choice to go cross-platform, God of War Ragnarok is probably going to be at least as popular as its predecessor. Nevertheless, the promotion has been somewhat sparse (and odd), so it is unclear whether or not it will have an effect on sales.

In addition, Sony stated that Marvel’s Spider-Man, not God of War, is the company’s biggest PC release to date.


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