An interactive “NFT collectible art experience” has been unveiled by Square Enix

An interactive “NFT collectible art experience” has been unveiled by Square Enix.

Symbiogenesis is the firm’s “first digital collectible art project developed from the ground up for Web3 aficionados,” as the company puts it.

Symbiogenesis takes place in its own universe, where “a large cast of characters symbiosis, all of which can be collected as digital art,” as described by Square Enix.

An “interactive story and devoted community” are among the things it guarantees.

Players can utilize their accumulated “art” “as a character in a story that takes place in an alternate world where the user can ‘untangle’ a mystery by accomplishing objectives that revolve around concerns of the monopolization and distribution of resources,” the developers write.

It also works as a profile photo on other social networking platforms.

Starting in the spring of 2023, Square Enix will offer a “free browser service” alongside the sale of Symbiogenesis NFTs.

Square Enix announced their intention to develop “story-focused” NFTs in June, as part of the 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting Report.

According to the study, “creation of blockchain games and entertainment items” is one of the company’s mid-term objectives.

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda recently commented on the potential impact of blockchain technology on the company’s most popular franchises, saying, “It’s still too early to consider developing Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy blockchain games.”

When NFT was originally introduced, Square Enix was one of the first large publishers to publicly endorse it. Matsuda promised to expand Square Enix’s game library to include blockchain and NFT titles in a New Year’s message published over the holidays.

Action figures bundled with digital NFTs have been made available for purchase through the publisher as well. New this month is a $129.99 Cloud Strife action figure, with a $159.99 “Digital Plus Edition” also available.

The Square Enix Store is the only place to get the Digital Plus Edition, which features “exchange tickets to redeem a digital certificate of authenticity and a digital version of the figure which can be enjoyed on PC or smart phone.”

Square Enix states in the item description that “both digital certificate of authenticity and digital version of the figure are handled using the block chain technology known as NFTs.”

There is a warning that the NFT may become useless in the future if the NFT platform Enjin, which is responsible for distributing the “digital figures,” stops operating.

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