In order to commemorate its revamped game start, New World launches some new servers

The MMO New World from Amazon Games has unlocked a number of “Fresh Start” servers that enable you start a new character on an untapped server without any veteran players from the game’s first year. Along with the new servers, the early game experience has been completely redesigned. Less travel is required, objectives are grouped together, and there is significantly less grinding.

According to the Amazon Games team, the revamp also offers a “great improvement to the overall tempo.” Brimstone Sands, a large expansion update containing a ton of Egyptian and Roman-themed action, was also recently released by New World.

It’s a wonderful chance for both new and inactive players to discover everything that has changed in the game’s first year, according to Amazon Games. A YouTube video(opens in new tab) showcasing what has changed in the last year has also been posted by Amazon Games.
Tempest’s Heart, Barnacles & Black Powder, and the Ennead are just a few of the many brand-new expedition dungeons that are included in that new content, along with mutator versions of previous expeditions and a group finder for them. The Greatsword, Void Gauntlet, and Blunderbuss weapons are all new, and they also have unique powers to go with them. These new weapons are somewhat similar to the classes in the New World.

There are many lapsed players in New World who may or may not be aware that their one-time payment of the game entitles them to return whenever they want. At first, it was a huge hit, selling a ton of copies and reaching a peak of about a million players on Steam, but over time, that peak dropped into a consistent daily top concurrent count of between 15 and 25 thousand. This number has increased again to 50–60 thousand with the release of Brimstone Sands in October, and a recent Twitch drop campaign saw peak concurrent numbers rise to over 100 thousand.

New World is available on Steam(opens in new tab), where it is discounted by 50% through November 8th. is where you can locate their official website.