Rampart Glitch and the Apex Legends Catalyst Create an Invincible Turret

Players of Apex Legends and YouTuber Bobz have discovered a combination of skills that makes an impenetrable turret. The turret is derived from the defensive Legend Rampart’s ultimate, and Catalyst, a recent addition to Apex Legends, renders it impervious to gunfire. Even while there are still ways to take out the turret and shooter, this might make the two together a potent weapon against foes who are unaware of what is happening.

The battle royale game Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment blends the survival elements of the genre with the skills of hero shooters like Overwatch. Early in the month, Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse was released. It gave the game a new Broken Moon map and a new Legend. Catalyst, a recently introduced defensive Legend, features the ultimate ability Dark Veil as well as the tactical abilities Piercing Spikes and Barricade.

While Apex Legends Season 15 didn’t provide any Legends a benefit or nerf, it did alter the game’s dynamic by introducing a new Legend named Catalyst. In the past 10 days, those that have the Legend have spent a lot of time honing it, and many have given it the impression that it might actually be useful in the meta. Older Legends like Bloodhound and Pathfinder make up a large portion of the meta, but there is definitely potential for improvement.

The Rampart player utilizes their ultimate to erect the minigun turret “Sheila” in the center of a doorway in the apparently overpowered combo that was displayed by Bobz. The newest hero in Apex Legends, Catalyst, can add a ferrofluid net to the gateway using their passive ability, Barricade, to make it an impenetrable web. The turret’s functionality is unaffected by this; the player still has control over it and can fire, but no bullets can penetrate the web to harm the turret user.

Although it isn’t entirely invisible, this combo has made Rampart in Apex Legends a little bit more effective. An adversary can eliminate the ferrofluid via melee combat or explosives. However, melee is probably out of the question due to the turret that guards the gateway. This combat may need to be avoided because grenades aren’t the most straightforward weapons to hit, particularly when a Sheila is involved. It’s unclear at this moment whether this will be patched or continues to be in use, but for the time being, it appears to be a pretty successful method of protecting the material.