Okay, Forspoken Is a Contemporary PS5 Open World Game

Square Enix, a Japanese publisher, is starting to reveal more details about the PS5 platform exclusive Forspoken as its long-awaited release date draws closer. The focus of this most recent installment in its ongoing Deep Dive trailer series is Athia’s vast world and the variety of activities it offers. TL;DR: It’s a contemporary open-world game.

No, but in all seriousness, there are a variety of activities available, like combat trials, collecting, and even taming wild creatures. There are some cool concepts at play here, like the fact that you can unlock additional features in the game’s Photo Mode if you find and accomplish specific photography challenges. Everything appears to come with a reward, which is obviously appreciated.

Of course, the game’s main loop will determine if any of this is actually worthwhile to interact with. Clearing out all of these open world tasks should be enjoyable if you enjoy exploring the sandbox and engaging in the fight. The verdict isn’t in yet, but it’s already evident that this will be a fairly substantial experience when it debuts on January 24.