The Bloody Ties DLC for Dying Light 2 Opens Up a Whole New World of Pain

The newest DLC for Dying Light 2: Stay Human is now out. It features a whole new story-driven adventure that sends players to the Carnage Hall, a former opera house that has been transformed into a bloody arena for post-apocalyptic gladiatorial fighting.

Bloody Ties is a part of the five years of support creator Techland has promised for Dying Light 2 and will keep survivors in Harran occupied with new objectives, weapon kinds, opponents, and obstacles to overcome.

We doubt Dying Light 2 will be at the top of many people’s rankings of the best games of the year, if only because Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarok are sure to dominate the conversation. Even so, it’s a great zombie-busting adventure that we thoroughly loved. If you can get up some friends, the enjoyment increases.

How would you rate Dying Light 2? Are you going to start reading Bloody Ties? In the comments area below, take up arms.