Explore A Hand-Crafted Paper World In The Puzzle Adventure “Papetura” Exclusive

On December 1st, 2022, point-and-click adventure puzzler Papetura will debut on the Nintendo Switch as a new venture from horror publisher Feardemic.

Papetura, a six-year labor of love by a single person, centers on the characters Pape and Tura in a world made of handmade paper that is constantly in danger of burning down. The game’s smooth two-hour playtime allows it to make the most of every scene, and its world is brimming with personality and detail.

Here are some verified details from Feardemic:
Lend a helping hand to two small creatures named Pape and Tura whose home is on fire. Discover the enigmatic, entirely paper-made world that is shrouded in shadow and light. As you point and click your way through your adventure, be in awe of the straightforward beauty of the strange but oddly inviting place you find yourself in. Face the ominous, flaming monsters that threaten your paper paradise by gathering your courage.

A labor of love and a love letter to both the art of paper modeling and to vintage adventure games, Papetura is a labor of love. As Floex’s delicate and ethereal music sets the tone for your journey, let the game take you on an imaginary journey and fully immerse you in the paper fantasy.


Short and Sweet: Take part in a point-and-click adventure that lasts for 2 exhilarating hours.
Paper View lets you explore hand-crafted paper versions of tiny insects, odd creatures, monsters, and genuinely magical settings.

Oh, Listen! Enjoy the stunning ambient music created by Floex – Tomas Dvorak.
Crack the riddles in Riddle Me This to gain more knowledge of the world and the story.
Show, Don’t Tell – The narrative is presented entirely through animation and odd noises, with no spoken word.