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Future Will Be Shaped by Evan’s Remains Creator’s New Mystery Game in January

The mysterious platformer game Evan’s Remains creator Matas Schmied is back with a new project, and it will be released on Switch very soon. When RE:CALL launches on Switch on January 17, 2023, players will be able to delve into memories and influence the present and future, according to the game’s publisher Whitehorn Games.

In RE:CALL, you take control of ten different individuals and can alter the past by interacting with their memories. However, the decisions you make will have an impact now and in the near future. Beautiful photos and charming pixel graphics (typical of Schmied!) , RE:CALL might appear spectacular in the trailer, but we have a hunch that as we try to understand why these ten people possess this enigmatic power, we’ll be subjected to some mind-bending turns.

According to Whitehorn Games, when RE:CALL debuts in the first quarter of next year, the following might be anticipated:

Players in RE:CALL go on a trip through the playable character’s memories in the form of a visual novel. The protagonist has the ability to change their memory of previous events in order to quickly affect the present, as shown through flashbacks. What if the protagonist remembered picking up a gun instead of a rock, even though the guard was standing by the door with a slight head wound? Conquer problems, influence the thoughts of allies and adversaries, and transform the future!

RE:salient CALL’s attributes include:

-Memoirs of a Player: Immerse yourself in an epic, story-driven adventure with a wide cast of 10 characters, each with their own traits and connections to the main character.

– The Wings of a Butterfly Flutter: Future events are immediately impacted by changing the past. Use this odd ability to get out of a factory, solve a crime, and defeat your foes!

– True Detective: The protagonist’s circumstances leading up to his powers are shrouded in mystery. Launch an investigation to ascertain the perpetrators!

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