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First Mission: Remake Receives a Big Update; Patch Notes Are Here

Front Mission 1st: Remake has received an upgrade to version 1.0.3, according to Forever Entertainment, adding a number of new features, enhancing gameplay, and fixing bugs.

Hopefully, this information can allay some of your concerns about the experience. After all, we gave the game a decidedly middling 5/10 rating, praising its plodding combat and haphazard weaponry. However, we gave high marks to the soundtrack, story, and visuals, so if you liked the original, this might be enough to convince you to buy it.

Here are the full patch notes:


– “Battle speed” option
– Statistics comparison before combat
– Alternate route seeking by the AI when the target cell is occupied by an ally (only in Modern Mode)
– DPAD navigation in scenario map tile by tile
– Direct attack on enemies by selecting the red square on the scenario map
– Save panel after the campaign is completed (no autosave deletion)
– Death animation on the arena when BODY is destroyed
– A “thank you” sound after a purchase in a shop.
– Minigun animation when firing


– Katakana and hiragana characters are now available when entering name
– More seamless transition from the map to combat.
– Improved Wanzer jumping animation
– CHAFF is constantly hitting, and the defender does not perform guard animation.
– Better music looping
– Music is paused before combat and resumed after combat
– When attacking “only body” machines, the DUEL and GUIDE skills do not appear
– Changed “open command menu” from Y to B button.
– Improved the workshop’s ambient sounds
– Player now returns to enemy selection after combat in the arena
– Localization tweaks


– Incorrect MISS and GUARD text position on the arena when attacking from afar
– Bug with the GUARD value when equipped with a missile launcher
– USN 10 scenario bug (cannot complete the mission if all enemies are killed before the third turn)
– Sorting bug in the workshop (wrong item purchased after sorting)
– Enemies no longer try to attack with destroyed arms
– Enemies will now attack with only one arm destroyed
– DOUBLE and SWITCH skills sometimes softlocking the game
– Shop setup bug (a grip weapon was not added to the stash after purchasing an arm with an internal weapon)
– Bug when rockets or bullets pass through the ground
– When using an ACID item, the shoulder weapon and shield were not affected
– Bug with incorrect shoulder weapon type in setup after shield mounting
– Other minor bugs

A respectable choice, in our opinion!

If these upgrades have persuaded you to try out Front Mission 1st, let us know in the comments.



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