Two unique monster codes are being distributed by Dragon Quest Treasures

In case you missed it, earlier this month saw the release of the brand-new RPG Dragon Quest Treasures for the Nintendo Switch. If you did decide to add this game to your library, Square Enix has recently made a few tickets available, enabling users to access certain exclusive monsters.

The first King Slime on the list is Yuji, who is voiced by the show’s creator, Yuji Horii. This monster comes equipped with 2 Chimaera Wings and 5 Better Buddy Bullets. This one’s code is “YUB.” The “killing machine” Pekotte, which is disguised to resemble the VTuber Usada Pekora, is the second monster to be unlocked. This monster’s code is “PEK,” and it comes equipped with two Chiamera wings and 15 Bang Bomb pellets. They are both level 15 monsters.

According to Dragon Quest Twitter, these codes can be redeemed as follows: You must hit the + button to open the game menu and unlock these creatures. Go to “Gang” from here and type each code into the “Gift Code” area. Go to Miss Cecily in your base and choose “Check Applicants” from the menu. Giving Yuji and Pekotte the items they need to join your crew is the next step.