The first 2023 release for the Hamster Arcade Archives Switch is Galaga

The first Arcade Archives release of 2023 has now been formally announced by Hamster, following the release of Bubble Bobble at the end of December.

This time, it’s Galaga, a vintage space shooter from Namco. This title, which debuted in 1981, is a continuation of the 1979 film Galaxian (previously released on the eShop in November last year). Your objective in this sequel is to once more kill every alien you see. Galaga’s follow-up, Gaplus, was also made available for the Switch last year.

“Distribution of “Arcade Archives Galaga” has started. A masterpiece of shooting games released by Namco in 1981. ACA in 2023 opens with Galaga! Please enjoy it.”

This entry in the Hamster’s Arcade Archives series “faithfully” recreates the standard arcade experience, much like all the others. It has contemporary improvements, such as new settings that let players change the difficulty, display type, and many other things. Here are some images taken from the official Nintendo website:

When it does launch on the eShop, it will cost $7.99 USD or its equivalent in your local currency. Interested in this one? What other masterpieces do you hope Hamster will bring back in 2023?