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The complete patch notes for Temtem Update, which is now available on Switch

Fasten your seatbelts while we update! (Sorry, we insisted on keeping that slogan.) The Switch version 1.2.1 patch for Temtem is now available for download.

The fix, which Crema promised to release last week, has now been made available. It includes changes to the idle camera, new music, conversation during matches, and other enhancements.

The whole patch notes can be seen right here on Crema’s website.

Patch 1.2.1, 9th January 2023

Important notice

  • We’ve had to delete all the Showdown codes, except the eSports ones, due to a data conflict. Your teams haven’t been affected, you’ll just need to generate a new code, and, if you were using or posting it somewhere, replace that with the new one.
  • Aqua Bullet Hell has accidentally been removed from your Umishi and Ukama, but you’ll have an empty technique slot and ABH will be in your learned techniques, so you can re-learn it immediately. We apologize for the inconveniences!

New stuff

  • We have tweaked the idle battle cameras following the feedback provided by the community:
    • In order to reduce motion sickness in some players, we’ve slowed all camera movement to 1/3 of its original movement speed.
    • They will also start after 12 seconds of inactivity, as opposed to the previous 5 seconds of threshold. This will make them way less prevalent.
    • In the specific case of Koish fishing, we’ve removed most of the camera angles so that only cameras that focus on the Koish patterns appear. We have also developed some new cameras for this activity in particular that will make identifying the patterns and colors easier.
    • We know idle cameras have caused issues to some our players. Before we go through with disabling them, which would imply we stop receiving feedback and iterating on the feature, we’d like to give these changes a go to improve the main problems the cameras had. We believe the idle cameras add variety and richness to the game, so we’d rather polish them until everyone is happy than disable them without giving them a chance to be good.
  • We have added some performance improvements to the Switch version. These improvements will be a huge help with the current crashes that the console is experiencing. But we’re not done yet, and we will be adding even more performance improvements for it in future patches.
  • Tem Renaming Voucher is no longer automatically used when renaming a Temtem. Players will now always have the option to pay the name change with Pansuns instead.
  • Players will now be able to use the Fruit Blender with Tems in the Temdeck too, not only the ones in the squad.
  • The Fruit Blender will now show how the stats will change based on the TVs selected.
  • Showdown Temtem will now always start with their SV value at 50 by default, instead of 1.
  • We have added rarity indicators to customization items, like emotes, loading screens, battle intros, battle outros and battle outro music.
  • The game will now show the gamepad buttons for each action when you press a modifier (a button that displays a set of hotkeys) in battle.
  • We’ve added new notifications for the Trade House: when you sell something, and when an auction ends without the item/Tem selling.
  • When you input a maximum quantity in one of the advanced options of the Temdeck and Trade House filters, it will now automatically select 0 as the minimum quantity.
  • Added more information to the Victory screen at the end of a Ranked match in the case of winning because the opponent concedes or in the case of tying.
  • Added a glowing effect to the claimable items of events, the same effect that is used in the Tamer Pass.
  • We’ve made some improvements to entering text in some UIs, so it’s easier to understand if the text is not valid for any reason.
  • We’ve made some performance improvements to the game’s UI.



  • Dojo Rematches and Archtamers teams have been revisited and modified to match the current meta.


  • #009 – Platimous
    • SPD has been reduced 82 ⇒ 78.
  • #088 – Umishi
    • Water Blade has been removed from its move pool.
    • Now learns Aqua Bullet Hell at level 5.
  • #089 – Ukama
    • Water Blade has been removed from its move pool.


All platforms

  • Fixed a softlock when a player captures a Temtem and sends it to the squad while being in Co-op.
  • Fixed a softlock after skipping the final dialogue with the Stowaway at the mines during the main quest at Tucma.
  • Fixed several bugs involving the prison part of the Tucma main quest in Co-op.
  • Fixed getting stuck between Lyato and Ige after battling them.
  • Fixed players being demoted in ranked even if they’d won the last match.
  • Fixed that starter Temtem and Anahir were not correctly counting for the Kudos about capturing all Tems in game.
  • Fixed that ranked wins while unraked were counting towards the OP Kudo.
  • Fixed players were getting the I’m in Danger Kudo automatically the first time they opened the game.
  • Fixed being able to move while having a tutorial on-screen when entering a building.
  • Fixed a case where idle battle cameras were being reproduced in the Swap menu during a battle.
  • Fixed the titles of this year’s first in-game tournament winners. It will now accurately represent the year of the tournament.
  • Fixed Hopeless Tonic’s Doom status condition not lasting 4 turns as it was stated in patch 0.7.3.
  • Fixed that Gyalis could learn the technique Footwork twice.
  • Fixed seeing a placeholder lock number in the Battle Log in a match against NPCs.
  • Fixed that triggering an NPC battle at the Arissolan Dojo in Co-op while the Co-op partner is mid-air would make the partner fly to the player’s position.
  • Fixed that the Events menu was not automatically activating if the game was open when the event started.
  • Fixed the page indicator of the Events menu that was not working correctly.
  • Fixed that Egg Techniques were not displaying the Egg Technique icon in the details of Showdown Temtem.
  • Fixed Tempedia “Sort by name” setting was not working correctly at the Tempedia Showdown menu.
  • Fixed the incorrect finishing date of the Winterfest event.
  • Fixed that the disappearing effect of the Winterfest trees prop would sometimes spawn without texture.
  • Fixed completing the “Taking a Photo” Tamer Pass weekly challenge was completing the event quest of the same name.
  • Fixed that the player character wouldn’t swap into the Incognito Hood automatically while doing the main quest at Quetzal if the player had a cosmetic set equipped.
  • Fixed the Beauty Center’s door appearing in red even if the player could already enter the building.
  • Fixed an awkward camera angle happening at the end of some techniques like Oshi-Dashi or Hook Kick.
  • Fixed that conceding in any main story battles while an idle battle camera was moving resulted in a weird camera angle at the end of the battle.
  • Fixed Local, Global and Trade chat channels not having their name labels translated into any language.
  • Fixed that dismissing a Temtem from a Showdown squad would leave invisible empty slots in the squad.
  • Fixed that players’ equipped cosmetic sets would change color when hovering over a top or bottom cosmetic in the Customization menu.
  • Fixed the icon of the Siege Engine Carrier mount.
  • Fixed that some exterior housing items were not showing the rarity in the item portrait.
  • Fixed that some interior housing items were not showing the rarity in the item portrait under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed Neoedo’s teleport sounds attenuating the instance music.
  • Fixed seals not having sound in the Preview windows of the Temtem’s details if they were equipped before its SFX was played in the preview of the Backpack.
  • Fixed the offset of some icons inside text.

PC and PS5

  • Fixed some buttons of the Showdown UI that were not working when pressing them with the mouse.

Temtem, a Pokémon-like creature catcher and fighter that was ported to the Switch last year, may not have taken the world by storm as quickly as some had hoped, but it is safe to say that the development team at Crema is making a lot of effort to keep making improvements to the game (thanks, Go Nintendo).

This forward-looking attitude carries over into the new year as the developer has revealed that a minor update would be released for the game the following week (9th January), with the goal of fixing some of the issues that appeared after the addition of ver. 1.2. It is encouraging to see that the team is working on a fix because these issues also included Switch memory concerns and game crashes.

Although the complete patch notes for this update aren’t available yet, the tweet above lists some of the issues that will be fixed, such as the aforementioned crashes and changes made to the idle camera.

As soon as the notes are made public in the upcoming week, we will make sure to give you all the information on this ver. 1.2.1 upgrade.


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