Scheduled Maintenance for Fire Emblem Engage Found Before Launch

Next week, the Switch will get the newest installment of Nintendo’s venerable tactical role-playing game series Fire Emblem. Despite this, scheduled maintenance for the game has already begun.

The Twitter bot NinStatusBot, which posts updates on Nintendo’s maintenance and server outages, noticed this. It’s not all that shocking given that Fire Emblem Engage won’t be released for another week. Having said that, scheduled maintenance is not typically this early.

We’ll be sure to let you know if we learn anything additional about a potential Fire Emblem Engage day-one update or something comparable. It could be related to the Expansion Pass Wave 1 DLC, which will be released on the same day (20th January). When Fire Emblem: Three Houses was published in 2019, it also received a day-one update (which included a few small alterations and repairs).

The same same Twitter bot discovered Advance Wars 1+2: The Complete Series maintenance earlier in the year. Camp Re-Boot:

What do you suppose Nintendo’s possible plans are for Fire Emblem Engage? Do you think a day one patch will be released or is this for something else?