Missed Out On NYXI’s Switch Controller With GameCube Inspiration? Pre-orders can now be made

The NYXI Wizard, a new GameCube-themed Nintendo Switch controller, was presented by accessory manufacturer NYXI last week.

As you can see, it draws heavily from the GameCube pad, down to the original indigo color. Along with a turbo function, an ergonomic slip-free design, and replaceable joysticks, it also makes the promise of “no drifting.” The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match is likely going to be fantastic.

The good news is that this controller is once more available for pre-order if you didn’t get to purchase it when it first became available last week. It will cost $69.99 USD (or the equivalent in your country) and ship in two to three months. In the video up top, on the official website, and in our initial article, you can find out more about all the features of this distinctive Switch controller: