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‘Event’ Teased for Metal Gear Rising’s 10th Anniversary

The 21st of February marks the 10th anniversary of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, in case you didn’t know. And what’s this? Now, the game’s creator Platinum Games is hinting at a “event” for the big day.

Naturally, there has already been a lot of conjecture regarding this. Recently, Quinton Flynn, who plays Raiden, made it seem as though an announcement was on the way. This was in line with a number of other Metal Gear revival rumors that were circulating at the time.

Keep an eye out for announcements in the upcoming weeks, Flynn wrote on Twitter.

In the worst case scenario, Platinum is just giving fans a reason to rehash Metal Gear Rising memes. The only thing mentioned in the Japanese studio’s tweet is the celebration-oriented unveiling of fresh Metal Gear Rising art. However, we feel that it would be disappointing at this point if there was no official announcement of…something.

A Metal Gear Rising remake would be ideal given that Konami appears to be back in the game with its numerous Silent Hill initiatives. And of course, there have long been rumors about Metal Gear floating around online.

Do you have any expectations for February 21st?


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