Goodra will be the next Pokémon to join Pokémon Unite’s roster

Goodra will be added to Pokémon Unite on March 16th, following this week’s news that the Sword legendary Zacian would be joining the game. This little monster, which first appeared in the sixth generation, serves as a “Melee Defender” in Unite.

It is a part of the rumors that Chandelure, Tropius, and Inteleon would be added to the cast (via @ElChicoEevee and The Gamer).

On a somewhat similar note, a patch is also being implemented following the discovery of a problem with the new playable Pokémon:

If you do decide to play this free-to-play game any time soon, be sure to check out the most recent Boss Rush event, where you can use the gift code “POKEMONDAY” to get a free Zacian Boost Emblem with some advantageous battle effects.