To Play This Odd New Switch Game, You’ll Need To Insert Your Joy-Con Into A Toilet Roll

Over the previous six years of the console’s existence, Switch Joy-Cons have been used in some unusual ways. We’ve held them vertically to milk virtual cows in 1-2 Switch, strapped them to our legs to kick footballs in Nintendo Switch Sports, and let’s not forget the realization that they can serve as a stand-in Wii remote sensor. Yet none of the games have found a more bizarre application for them than the recently published Give me toilet paper!

This new game from publisher Takahiro Miyazawa asks you to place a Joy-Con inside of a roll of toilet paper and roll it around to control the actions of a virtual toilet tissue on screen rather than waving the remote around or holding it at an amusing angle.

Give me some tissue! will have you traversing a series of trap doors, lasers, and baddie toilet rolls (yeah, you read it correctly; they have painful red spikes on them) in order to deliver the desperately needed package to a man, well, in need.

The reason it sounds strange is because it does. Below are some screenshots from the game’s eShop website and some further details:

This is an action game in which you prepare toilet paper with a Joy-Con™ in it and roll it around on a board.

There is a toilet paper in the game that is linked to your toilet paper.

If you roll your toilet paper left and right, the toilet paper in the game will also roll left and right.

“Oh my God! There’s no toilet paper!” Let’s help a man in big trouble!

You are the ordinary toilet paper in every house, but you can roll at will.

And now there is a man in need of toilet paper!

You start from the ceiling of the toilet and go your way to the man.

But all sorts of traps await you along the way!

Help the man by avoiding or taking advantage of them.

We’ll agree that the graphics are quite basic, but since the goal of this game is to guide a toilet roll through a perilous maze, it wouldn’t be wise to have high expectations going into it.

Give me some tissue! is currently accessible for the low cost of £3.60, $4.00, or $5.00 via the Switch eShop. Is this GOTY-worthy? Most likely not. But we suppose it’s a little thing to pay for an evening of bizarre entertainment.