Pokémon Anime’s Newest Stars To Get Their Own Manga Series

The new Pokémon manga, which will include the voice actors from the upcoming anime season, has been previewed for the first time by the Japanese manga magazine CoroCoro Comic. The new anime season premieres in Japan on April 14.

The color cover, which was posted on Twitter by @MangaMoguraRE, features Scarlet & Violet’s charming starter Pokémon alongside the two new Pokémon trailers, Liko and Roy. On the same day that the anime premieres, the manga will debut in Monthly CoroCoro.

The manga series introduction and character profiles are essentially all that are included in this month’s edition, but it still gives us another look at the two heroes we’ll be getting to know this year. Roy is clutching a somewhat peculiar-looking Poké Ball, as many have noted. Although we don’t yet fully understand what this new ball is capable of, it appears that it will be essential to the new arc.

As Ash and Pikachu’s adventure comes to a close in the anime, Japan is remembering its longtime heroes. We, too, will miss them!