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A Co-op Romp To Die For, Bone’s Café Is Inspired By Overcooked Food

The Switch version of Bone’s Cafe, a zombie cookery game from Acute Owl Studio, will launch on March 31. The game, which received overwhelmingly great reviews when it debuted on Steam last year, is now returning from the dead to create a name for itself on the eShop.

In Bone’s Cafe, which was inspired by Overcooked, you play as a necromancer who has dropped out of school in order to start your own cafe. Everyone in college wants to achieve that, right? You can run the cafe using your necromancy abilities, and you’ll get to choose the decor, direct your servants, and collaborate with friends.

Moreover, Bone’s Cafe is a couch co-op game that you can play with friends and family, just like the enormously popular cooking party game. Your army of skeletal chefs and ghostly servers will need to satisfy a variety of strange and fascinating animals, all while being accompanied by adorable pixel graphics and a cheery soundtrack. Yeah, and your consumers can provide you with ingredients. How wonderful.

An outline of the game by Acute Owl Studio is provided below:

Bone’s Cafe is a fast paced, 1-4 Players couch co-op, cooking game. Customize the layout of your kitchen to guarantee your success. Specialize your menu in ingredients and recipes to design your ultimate cafe. Put your necromancy skills to the test and raise your own undead kitchen staff.

Experiment with and discover all (90+) recipes using a wide variety of ingredients. You have the freedom to design your menu around a concept, a taste, or whatever you’d like your cafe to serve.

Build and expand!
Get creative and customize the layout of your cafe for maximum cooking efficiency. Earn money and visit the shop to buy all the tools you’ll need to create an efficient workflow. Expand your cafe size by progressing through the story and increasing your cafe Skull Ranking.

Play with friends!
You can invite up to 3 friends to enjoy this fun and silly game together (Local couch co-op or Remote Play).

Summon minions!
Feeling overwhelmed? Put your necromancy skills to the test and summon undead assistants. Assign them simple tasks to take the burden off of your skull, you’re going to need them in order to expand.

– Customizable cafe layout
– Customizable cafe menu
– Experiment with ingredients in the kitchen to discover 97 recipes to add to the menu
– Use stealth to harvest exotic ingredients from your cafe customers
– Automate your cafe with minions
– Play with your friends in local coop 1-4 player or Steam Remote Play
– Campaign mode
– Challenge mode

This Friday, March 31st, Bone’s Cafe will go on sale in the Nintendo eShop for £13.49 / $14.99. Will it be a struggle for you to reach the kitchen?

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