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Beautiful New Photos of Teslagrad 2 Display More Magnet-Magic in Metroid

It was a pleasant surprise to see Teslagrad 2, the sequel to Rain Games’ critically acclaimed metroidvania, at last year’s Future Games Expo after it was first revealed back in September 2020. With the help of some eye-catching new screenshots, the kind people at Modus Games have now provided us with a deeper look at the upcoming game.

With five exquisite locations, some of Lumina’s electromagnetic abilities, and a glimpse of the new Wyrmheim territories, this most recent look is preparing the sequel to be even more beautiful than the first. One thing that never fails to make us grin broadly is a confrontation with a gigantic enemy, therefore we’re particular admirers of the giant snake boss towering over the hero in picture three.

Check out the fresh, exclusive photos below:

We last heard about Teslagrad 2’s release in the spring of 2023, so we anticipate hearing more specific information in the following months.

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