Chris Pratt advises fans to watch The Mario Movie first, and then they may voice their concerns

Before passing judgment on Chris Pratt’s interpretation of the voice of the titular character, Mario fans are urged to watch The Super Mario Bros. Movie.
Since it was first revealed that Pratt will play Mario in September 2021, there has been some backlash to the casting, and part of it still exists today despite the release of several teasers since then.

About the Brooklyn accent he gave Mario in an interview with ExtraTV, Pratt said: “You know, come watch the movie. Go see the movie, and then we can speak. In all seriousness, I believe you should see the movie at least twice once you’ve already watched it.

But the truth is that this is a dedicated audience, so it makes sense, he continued. I am involved, thus I am aware of it.

“This is the music of your formative years. You don’t want it to be ruthlessly destroyed by someone making a movie to make money out of it. I am aware that you do not want it to occur, and countless people have committed their hearts, minds, and souls to preventing it.

Seth Rogen, Pratt’s co-star, has been less defensive about playing Donkey Kong in the film and is aware that the role sounds just like him.

I was quite clear: I don’t do voices, Rogen said in a statement to And if you want me to be in this movie, just listen to how I sound. That marked the start and conclusion of our conversation.

I said, “I’m your guy if you want Donkey Kong to sound a lot like me. But you know, it did appear to work. All you really know about Donkey Kong in the movie and the game, in my opinion, is that he tosses barrels and doesn’t particularly like Mario.

“Honestly, that’s kind of what I went with: the notion that he despises Mario, that they have a hostile relationship, that he finds him annoying, that he doesn’t want to be on this trip with him, and that he wishes he was on it alone. That struck me as amusing and serving as sort of the character’s origin, and it was derived from gaming mythology.

Pratt and Rogen concurred that they would like to see more films in the future.

Pratt replied to ExtraTV interviewer Jenn Lahmers: “You watched the movie. In terms of what we may anticipate over the next ten years, such as a whole universe of these types of movies, it really honors the video game and the Mario universe.

It’s great because – especially for me, now that I have kids, I have to see every animated movie whether it’s good or not, so I’m really grateful when a great animated movie comes out, and that’s what this is thankfully. They’re super nostalgic, they’re really fun, it’s Illumination so they know what they’re doing. I hope there will be more.

Rogen expressed similar excitement about the prospect of a Donkey Kong movie to, saying: “That would be great. I truly enjoyed myself while doing it, and I believe that it’s a vast, enormous universe that people are eager to explore.