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Oh my, The Mario Movie Blu-ray Steelbook Release Date Has Been Revealed

The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s official premiere is just one week away, and while the marketing campaign has definitely picked up the pace (sometimes in unusual boot-focused ways), the occasional leak hasn’t been prevented.

This time, the focus is on the movie’s Blu-ray Steelbook release, which looks to be coming our way starting on June 6, 2023. (thanks, Nintendo Wire).

The “Power-Up Collector’s Edition” includes a 4K Blu-ray copy of the upcoming Mario movie, housed in a stylish metal cover with a Power-Up Mushroom on the front and back, as discovered by @nintendomerch in a tweet that has since been deleted. When the case is opened, a colorful inside depiction of the Mushroom Kingdom may be seen.

As many of the Blu-official ray’s photos were removed after the leak, we currently only have the description above to show you visually. In light of this, we will be waiting for the formal announcement of the release after the film’s premiere so that we may perhaps get a clearer idea of what unique characteristics the disk format will provide.

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