Nintendo Declares 2023 European Splatoon 3 Championship

We were curious if the European Championship will return with the release of Splatoon 3 in September of last year. This may be the case, as Nintendo has just stated that the tournament will be held again in 2023.

While specifics are still scarce, we do know that the tournament will soon visit 12 European locations, pitting teams against one another in Turf War and Anarchy Battle modes to determine a victor.

The winning teams will advance to the continental championship later this year to take on the other regional champions. An adorable picture of little octos wearing regional cuisine items on their heads was used by @NintendoEurope to hint to the 12 locations hosting the championship, which is one approach to stimulate our attention.

In case you’ve forgotten, Team Mako represented the United Kingdom at the most recent Splatoon 2 European Championship in 2018.

The aforementioned tweet doesn’t provide us any concrete information about when the 2023 action will begin, but it does promise that more will be revealed soon.