PS+ Premium’s Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror PS5/PS4 Control Fix

As you know, PSP only has one analog stick, making mapping typical 3D controls to the handheld difficult. Developers can fix this by connecting the camera to the face buttons, letting you gaze up with triangle and so on. Though not elegant, this solution made sense at the time.

The PS Vita’s backwards compatibility feature automatically assigned the face buttons to the right analogue stick, so you didn’t have to compromise when playing older games. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror launched without it, despite fans’ hopes for the PSP emulator for PS5 and PS4.

Finally, a stealth shooter patch fixes this. The release’s face button inputs have been remapped to the right analogue stick, and we’ve now fired up the game. It’s far better than the original, although it’s not as tight or smooth as recent games.

You can still aim with the face buttons, but it’s wonderful to utilize that second analogue stick. This bodes well for future PS Plus Premium PSP releases like Resistance Retribution, which should benefit from this emulator upgrade. Good thing!