Ghostwire: Tokyo’s PS5 Update Adds Content

Ghostwire: Tokyo received new content and modes on PS5 alongside its Xbox Series X|S release. The Spider’s Thread is a new rogue-lite mode with 30 combat tests, new side quests, extended story cutscenes, and Photo Mode improvements. Download it on PS5 or play it via PS Plus Extra.

In rogue-lite mode, test your upgraded combat skills against new enemies. One of the optional missions adds a haunted school with missing students. “Uncover the secrets behind the strange phenomena occurring in the haunted school, including an eerie science mannequin, a paranormal sighting in the bathroom and even the legend of Hananko-san,” the PlayStation Blog teases. Find 25 photos in another side quest.

In our Ghostwire: Tokyo PS5 review, we awarded the game a 6/10 and praised its combat system and DualSense controller support. However, the base game quickly becomes repetitive, so hopefully this update adds variety. It’s free, so try it.Ghostwire: Tokyo misses despite PS5 DualSense controller support, haunting elements, and nice visuals.