“DS-Inspired” Precision Puzzler Reflectile Targeting Switch Release

Reflectile’s Kickstarter may appeal to Nintendo DS fans. It’s a stylish new precision puzzle game by aspiring indie developer Joe Aquiare, a six-year professional software and game developer on team projects.

Reflectile will be ported to Switch if $35,000 is raised. With 11 days left, it’s at $8,500 (with a $15,000 PC release goal). You’ll control a small tile that must finish each level. The “minimal, stylish, and challenging top-down puzzle game” is deceptively simple.

“It will test your ability to cut corners, squeeze through tight corridors, and make split-second inputs to reach the goal of each stage.

“…Reflect, direct, and slow down your tile to get to the end of each stage. Each world in Reflectile will have you discover and interact with different types of puzzle blocks, including bumpers, speedboosts, numbertiles and many more!”

A great soundtrack evokes nostalgia for older games and a well-known “double-screened” portable system. Visuals evoke BOXBOY! and DSiWare.

Reflectile has a Kickstarter and Steam demo.