Free PS5 Pool Game Is Good

Update: Cherry Pop Games informed us that Pool Blitz released a day early in Europe, which caused some features to malfunction. 16 May 2023 should resolve everything.

Pool Blitz, a free PS5 eight- and nine-ball sim, released today. Cherry Pop Games’ latest billiards game will disappoint mobile gamers. Loot boxes, online play, and unlockable cues will boost statistics.

This resembles Tennis Clash. Soft gacha loot boxes unlock cues with cards. Collect enough to use in matches, but they have a cooldown, so rotate your collection.

Enter tournaments with in-game currency to win back your stake and trophies, which unlock harder events. The game will initially make it seem like you’re playing real people, but you’ll actually be playing easy bots to give you a dopamine rush.

The game is snappy and has great ball physics. You can finish a match in two minutes, making it very addictive. In this game, you can use gems to open loot boxes instantly.

Some cues look like assault rifles, while others have flowers. Despite the day one patch, the game feels broken, and the Season Pass and other live service gubbins are not yet available on the PS Store. No microtransaction currency is available, so we think this wasn’t supposed to go live yet.

If you can get past the title’s unresponsive interface and heavy mobile gaming mechanics, this could be a fun PS5 addition. It seems like a game you could play for two minutes and lose four or five hours to. If you get that addicted, you’ll probably spend some of your hard-earned cash!