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Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Players Find Easiest Item Duplication Glitch Yet

Nintendo has patched The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom mercilessly since its release three weeks ago. Each patch fixes multiple item duplication glitches. Fans keep finding new ways to accidentally copy items, so that hasn’t deterred them.

Many players call the latest one the “easiest” because Link uses a multi-shot bow in a chasm. Gaming Reinvented’s video (thanks to reader C3MO!) Get to Tobio’s Hollow Chasm and fire some fused arrows at the bottom of this article.

Nintendo Life tested the glitch with two bows and several items, including Lynel horns, precious stones, bomb flowers, and bananas, and it works.

The video at the bottom of the article contains some character and location spoilers. Tobio’s Hollow Chasm isn’t accessible until the story’s end. The ‘Guidance from Ages Past’ main quest must be completed. If you don’t mind small spoilers, don’t watch the video until the “final dungeon” of the game.

As Gaming Reinvented’s video shows, go to Tobio’s Hollow Chasm to return to the path and walk down a cave (where the elevator was) to the drop. Follow the path down to rough coordinates 1021, -2261, -0156, then turn around to face the stalactites.

Fuse whatever material you want to duplicate with a multi-shot bow like the Duplex Bow, Lynel bows, or the Royal Guard’s Bow. Shoot up at the stalactite’s base. The items fused to each arrow (but not multiple items) will remain suspended in mid-air after the arrows disappear.

Run toward the items and they’ll fall, so catch them before they roll down the cave. Kibbles Gaming showed how to prevent that. The time-stamped video shows how to make a “bowl” to catch duplicate materials.

Watch Gaming Reinvented’s video and tell us if you’ve used these duplication glitches in the comments.


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