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Mario Kart Tour’s ‘Mario Vs. Luigi’ Update Adds Three Classic Circuits

We’re entering the final lap of Mario Kart Tour’s Princess-themed weeks, but the official @mariokarttourEN Twitter has given us a first look at the upcoming “Mario vs. Luigi Tour” on June 14.

The reveal trailer shows three classic tracks returning. The tour will debut N64 Mario Raceway, GBA Luigi Circuit, and GCN Waluigi Stadium, and racers will be split into Mario and Luigi teams.

The breakdown below shows which team your favorite racer is in.

Here are the team members for the Mario vs. Luigi Tour in #MarioKartTour! Here’s Team Luigi! Which team are your favorite drivers on? pic.twitter.com/9jRZTNyWtP— Mario Kart Tour (@mariokarttourEN) June 9, 2023

The new season was announced with the Mii Racing Suits. The Monty Mole and Waluigi suits will star this time—we love the latter.

What do you think Wave 35’s outfits will be?


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