In 2025, the stylish arcade racer #DRIVE Rally will come out on PS5

We are quite impressed by the visuals of #DRIVE Rally, a creatively designed take on rally racing that will be making its way to the PS5 in the near future. Revealed in the previous year, the release date for this highly anticipated game is still quite distant, set to arrive on consoles around 2025. However, initial impressions suggest a lot of potential.

The trailer above reveals that the game will be coming to PC first, with an early access release scheduled for the fall of 2024. It seems that players will have the opportunity to experience the game earlier, but the final version won’t be released until next year.

#DRIVE Rally presents a familiar A-to-B rally racing experience that will surely delight fans of motorsport. However, it sets itself apart with a unique art style that deviates from realism and offers a more forgiving handling system compared to traditional rally simulators. With a co-driver who isn’t afraid to point out your mistakes, this game promises to be an enjoyable and refreshing departure from its more serious counterparts.