Japan Sales Charts: Stellar Blade’s PS5 debut falls slightly short of expectations, while Eiyuden Chronicle performs exceptionally well on the Switch

The most recent Japanese software charts have been released, providing us with a glimpse into the sales performance of recent releases such as Stellar Blade and Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. Stellar Blade, the PS5 exclusive from South Korean developer Shift Up, made its debut at the top, selling a respectable 67,100 physical copies. Considering the timeframe, the result is relatively decent. However, it’s important to mention that these charts only take into account the sales from the past two weeks. The action title has failed to meet the high expectations of some.

On the other hand, the impressive RPG Eiyuden Chronicles would have come incredibly close to claiming the number one spot if sales figures were combined across all platforms. The Nintendo Switch version was the top seller, with 46,700 copies sold, securing second place. Meanwhile, the PS5 edition trailed behind with 19,400 copies, landing in fifth place. It’s quite surprising to see such a noticeable difference between the two versions, but it’s evident that Nintendo’s hybrid console has a devoted fanbase for JRPGs.

The PS5’s hardware sales have been quite impressive. The current-generation console is on the verge of surpassing the impressive $6 million mark, a milestone that is expected to be achieved in the coming week or two.

Software Sales

  1. [PS5] Stellar Blade (SIE, 04/26/24): 67,131 (New)
  2. [NSW] Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (505 Games, 04/23/24): 46,729 (New)
  3. [NSW] Endless Ocean Luminous (Nintendo, 05/02/24): 28,345 (New)
  4. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo, 04/28/17): 21,089 (5,825,584)
  5. [PS5] Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (505 Games, 04/23/24)—19,434 (New)
  6. [NSW] SaGa Emerald Beyond (Square Enix, 04/25/24): 18,434 (New)
  7. [NSW] Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba—Sweep the Board! (Aniplex, 04/25/24)—17,404 (New)
  8. [NSW] Princess Peach: Showtime! (Nintendo, 03/22/24): 17,171 (160,351)
  9. [NSW] Super Mario Bros. Wonder (Nintendo, 10/20/23): 16,080 (1,846,076)
  10. [NSW] Minecraft (Microsoft, 06/21/18): 14,083 (3,516,475)

Hardware Sales

  1. Switch OLED Model: 72,592 (7,195,696)
  2. PlayStation 5: 43,033 (4,808,908)
  3. Switch Lite: 16,247 (5,833,845)
  4. Switch: 11,199 (19,786,390)
  5. PlayStation 5 Digital Edition: 6,501 (767,403)
  6. Xbox Series X: 2,982 (271,121)
  7. Xbox Series S: 2,353 (310,852)
  8. PlayStation 4: 202 (7,925,781)