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Helldivers 2 Major Order has left players disappointed as ‘The Second Galactic War’ commences

Players have failed to destroy the 2 billion Automatons ordered by the most recent Major Order, and the MD-17 Anti-Tank Mines strategy has been taken away from them once more. This could be a very bad turn in the ongoing Helldivers 2 Galactic War. Even worse, Super Earth High Command (the company that made Arrowhead) has declared the start of “The Second Galactic War” and said that “all the fighting before this was just a complicated special operation.”

Priority channels, which are Helldivers 2’s loud Discord server, spread the news of the escalation of hostilities and lamented that players had only been able to destroy 78% of the bots that needed to be destroyed (thanks, IGN). It’s not clear how the constant war that’s been going on since the game came out could get worse. Still, High Command has announced a huge increase in the size of SEAF (Super Earth Armed Forces). This has led to rumors that faceless NPC soldiers may be sent out with the elite Helldivers for the first time.

People in charge say that “new recruits are being trained to strengthen the ranks of SEAF,” and they say that Helldivers need to keep these gathering places safe. Right now, “guarding these training facilities so that each recruit can get their tough 72-hour basic training” is their most important job.

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