Sony’s most recognizable studios remain committed to developing single player games for the PS5, so there’s no need to worry

Sony recently organized a business segment meeting where they classified all of their first-party studios according to the type of content they would be delivering. The company organized its teams into four distinct segments: single-player narrative focus, partner studios, evolving and multi-genre, and live service focus. Let’s take a closer look at how it allocated its portfolio:

Single Player Narrative Focus

  • Firesprite
  • Housemarque
  • Insomniac Games
  • Naughty Dog
  • Santa Monica Studio
  • Sucker Punch
  • Team ASOBI

Partner Studios

  • Bluepoint
  • Nixxes
  • Valkyrie Entertainment

Evolving and Multi-Genre

  • Bend Studio
  • Guerrilla Games
  • Media Molecule
  • Polyphony Digital

Live Service Focus

  • Bungie
  • Firewalk
  • Haven
  • Neon Koi
  • San Diego Studio

Although lacking in surprises, there are still some noteworthy observations to be made. Guerrilla Games, a prominent player in the gaming industry, is making waves in the evolving and multi-genre category. This suggests that they have more up their sleeves than just the highly anticipated next mainline Horizon game, which we can safely assume will be an immersive single-player adventure. There have been whispers about several upcoming adaptations of the series, including an MMO and a multiplayer spin-off.

It’s intriguing to note the inclusion of Bend Studio in the Evolving and Multi-Genre category as well. It is evident that the upcoming project aims to expand on the groundwork established by Days Gone. However, it is reasonable to expect that the new intellectual property will offer more than just a typical open-world action experience. This has the potential to evolve into an immersive online survival experience with a shared-world aspect.

Another interesting addition is Neon Koi, a lesser-known German mobile developer that Sony acquired some time ago. It appears that the Japanese company is planning to expand its smartphone software offerings, with the potential for these new releases to be available on PS5, PC, and mobile devices. With a live-service business model, it’s not surprising to anticipate what’s in store. We’ll have to wait and see.