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A racing game based on Bloodborne is now free on Steam

You can download and play the fun Bloodborne-inspired arcade racing game Nightmare Kart for free right now on Steam. The name was changed after Sony filed a lawsuit. The game doesn’t try to hide the fact that it took inspiration from other games. It has a full single-player campaign, 13 karts, 15 tracks, 21 racers, and split-screen multiplayer. It has already been downloaded over 130,000 times and gotten mostly good reviews.

The game is meant to look like an old 32-bit game, so if you decide to play it, it will bring back memories of the PS1. This is just a fan-made project that you can try for free. There are no microtransactions, loot boxes, or anything else like that. It’s been fun for what it is that we’ve played with it for the last couple of hours.

The blurb says, “You are a beast hunter who has been forced to take part in a very strange local tradition: a tournament where people race on strange copper and steam-powered vehicles.” You must use strong weapons to destroy your enemies, kill beasts to increase your top speed, do tricks and drifts to get another boost, and beat tough boss fights to find out what’s going on in this horrible dream.

We don’t think this will come out on PS5 or PS4 any time soon because the project has had problems with Sony’s lawyers in the past. Still, it’s an interesting little thing that you should definitely try.

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