The PS5 should improve its ability to keep players informed about important events happening within their games

The PS5 is a remarkable console, however, we can’t help but notice that its operating system lacks the modern game-centric design we were hoping for. It’s quite ironic to think about Sony’s emphasis on live services. Helldivers 2 has already made a big impact, but it’s eagerly looking to incorporate Concord or Fairgame$ into the mix.

Here’s the deal: whether you love it or hate it, a lot of games these days revolve around seasons. If you tuned in to Ubisoft Forward, you would have undoubtedly observed the extensive array of updates and roadmaps unveiled for their games. The Crew Motorfest is set to receive a fresh map, XDefiant is introducing an additional faction, and Skull & Bones is venturing into uncharted waters by incorporating dragons into its sailing simulation.

It’s become quite common for games nowadays to follow a similar pattern: Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail both receive regular updates and time-limited events every six weeks. Call of Duty players can now dive into the exciting Gundam update, complete with new skins and thrilling gameplay modes. Fortnite currently focuses heavily on car customization and intense gauntlets reminiscent of Mad Max.

Games have evolved beyond being mere static entities that can be played, completed, and shelved. They now resemble television, with a dynamic schedule that offers new and exciting experiences every day. The PS5 should function as a reliable source of information, keeping you informed about the latest happenings in your favorite games and explaining why they deserve your attention.

The console fails to highlight the dynamic nature of the titles installed on your hard drive, except for the poorly developed News section and the unavailable What’s New tab outside the United States. When you open the App Store, you’re immediately greeted with a wide range of game events happening right now.

Sony attempted to create a free-to-play section on the PS Store with the aim of providing insights into the ongoing events in popular games. However, what they have ended up with is a collection of logos that lack any context or information about the actual gameplay. The system’s lack of dynamism is quite concerning, especially considering the constant evolution of the content it hosts.

The platform holder is well aware of the issue. Their goal is to effectively communicate all the latest content to players, as they understand that this will boost engagement and, in turn, generate more revenue. However, the pace of progress is quite sluggish, leaving players waiting endlessly for the desired features to be implemented by the company. PS Stars, for instance, remains limited to the mobile app exclusively.

Maybe in the future, the PS6 will delve into this aspect, but for now, the PS5 doesn’t seem to have been designed with contemporary gaming in mind.